Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PMA 2009

  Today was day 1 of PMA 2009. Last few years saw release of DSLRs and/or lenses at every major photography show. This year PMA is sure to be the least interesting in recent years, without any significant product launches by the major Marques aka Canon/Nikon.

  This year PMA's most interesting announcements were the panasonic GH1 and Sigma DP2. Sure the recent photokina and a slew of new DSLR/Lens launches at this time and the slowing economy plays a significant role. 

  A lot of rumors were circulating before PMA and though these sounded like some body's wish list, there a lot of people eagerly anticipating new product launches. There is going to be disappointment for some but it should also be a relief. In recent years the product life cycle has become so short that new DSLRs were launched every 12-18months.  This cannot last long and the message is slowly dawning on the manufacturers. With the current state of economy, product obsolescence is delayed and cannot be artificially created by incremental improvements in products. 

  Anyway my thoughts are that some products may be launched in summer if there is any sign of atleast the economy stabilising if not improving.

  My thoughts on the Panasonic GH1 and Sigma DP2 in my upcoming blogs.

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